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15 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Glasses From Us 

1. We specialize in lifestyle dispensing, meaning we listen to your needs and design custom eyewear to those needs.

2. Our optical team will expertly help you select the perfect frames and lenses, taking precise measurements to ensure you an accurate fit and great vision.

3. You will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your glasses are made by licensed, trained professionals who have personally measured, verified and adjusted your prescription, ensuring your best possible vision.

4. Rx verification to ensure you are seeing your absolute best

5. No charge re-examinations if your prescription is difficult to adjust to

6. If you or anybody else doesn’t like your glasses, we’ll exchange/refund them within X days

7. Should you ever lose or break your glasses just call or email. We are the only optometrists who can provide an exact replica as we store all your details, including all frame and lens measurements

8. We’ll give you a care kit with your glasses to keep them looking their best

9. We’ll provide replacement no-charge nose pads and screws for the life of your frames to keep them in top shape

10. You get unlimited tune ups, including adjustments and ultrasonic cleanings, for the life of your frames to keep them as perfect as possible

11. Next time you visit us, we can reassure you as to whether any change has taken place since your last visit and whether new eyeglasses are required. Trust us. Period.

12. For your spare pair of glasses, you can be reassured that the lenses will be identical to your current glasses and therefore the vision will be as good as your main pair, all with a loyalty discount.

13. We guarantee to spend more than 1 hour to make sure your new glasses are perfect in every way.

14. You will save time and money by having your custom prescription filled at the same place that created your prescription.

15. You are supporting a local business that gives back to YOUR community