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Featuring SynergEyes Ultra Health Hybrid Contact Lens for Keratoconus

ultrahearth contact lensesUltraHealth is the most advanced hybrid contact lens for keratoconus and other irregular cornea conditions! How well do you see the world around you? With UltraHealth take your life back and see in a new way filled with clarity and comfort. No more lenses popping out. No more irritating dirt.

Why Choose UltraHealth Lenses?

Crystal-Clear Vision: Experience the unparalleled vision benefits of hybrid contact lenses. The GP material optimizes sharpness of vision, while the soft silicone hydrogel periphery keeps the lens in place over the cornea, providing enhanced stability and clarity.
All-Day Comfort. The soft part of the lens provides exceptional long-lasting comfort for irregular cornea and keratoconus patients.
Healthy and Refreshing. The patented dual material (GP and silicone hydrogel) enables high oxygen transmission to your eyes and promotes tear circulation throughout the day, boosting the health of your eyes while delivering exceptional comfort.

UltraHealth is ideal for patients with:

  • Early, moderate and advanced keratoconus
  • Ectasia
  • Intacs
  • Vision correction needs post-surgery
  • Before and after corneal crosslinking
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