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Focus on Technology -The Autorefractor

eye doctor Rockville Centre, NY

Dr. Shane Galan of Diamond Vision answers common patient questions about the Autophoropter refraction system

1) Please describe what the Autophoropter is used for and give a basic sense of how it works.

It is a digital phoropter.  Once the auto-refractor determines the patients prescription, it will automatically be sent to the digital phoropter.  Therefore, I can easily show the patient very efficiently their old prescription versus their new prescription. This will allow them to see how much sharper their new prescription will be. Therefore, the patient won’t have to decide  in the exam room “which is better lens one or lens two.”  This will take the guess work out of the refraction, and allow it to be more accurate.

2) Beyond helping in determination of prescription, can an Autophoropter help discover eye diseases and disorders?

This technology is not connected to the detection of eye diseases.  

eye exam Rockville Centre, NY3) What is it about this particular technology that you find most exciting; the component that made you feel you need to invest in this for your practice?

It will allow the patient the opportunity to have a better experience at our office because it will give the patient the ability to see the difference in the new prescription versus their older prescription and this will allow them to decide more definitively how much better their new eyeglasses will allow them to see.

4) Do the patients that walk through your doors day in and day out, appreciate the upgrade in technology?

If it is a better experience for the patient, and will allow them to get a more accurate prescription than before, then they will appreciate it.

5) To what patients do you recommend using the Autophoropter, or is it a part of every eye exam?