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Your Child Just Got Glasses, Now What?

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You just brought your child for their eye exam on Long Island and the optometrist told you that your little one now needs to wear glasses. On one hand this is a partial relief as it explains why your child may have been struggling in school or with reading, while on the other hand, it comes with some worries about how your child will handle wearing glasses, the effects on their vision as they age, and the increased responsibilities and dangers that come with wearing glasses.

Most optometrists after determining that your child is nearsighted will prescribe them a pair of glasses, and send you on your way, with strict instructions to return next year for an updated eyeglasses prescription.

Myopia Control- New Options for Long Island

What your optometrist may have neglected to mention is that letting myopia (nearsightedness) progressively get worse every year is extremely dangerous for your child. As the severity of the myopia increases so does your child's risk of serious eye diseases that can cause blindness. In fact, this is so serious that Myopia (nearsightedness) is actually one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide.

Luckily our optometrist in Rockville Centre, Long Island is a leader in the field of Myopia Control. Dr Galan will help you stabilize your child's nearsightedness. Myopia Control uses FDA approved innovations in contact lens design to slow down myopia (nearsightedness). This protects your child's vision now and well into the future.

One option for Myopia Control is called Orthokeratology or Ortho K for short. Ortho K contacts are worn like retainers for teeth, they are worn only while sleeping and they gently reshape your eyes. What is amazing is not only do they reduce the myopia progression, they also leave your child with perfect vision the next day without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses.

Learn more about myopia control.