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Screen Tips to Help Relax Your Eyes | Long Island, NY

Our eyes are being fatigued from excessive near work during COVID. Whether more work zoom meetings, online learning for our children, or simply less outdoor time, our eyes are seeing a lot less distance than they really should.

Hi i'm Dr. Gallon from Diamond Vision. Multiple times every day we're getting questions about hey my eyes are hurting me at the end of the day is there anything i could do so a lot of times it's a prescription change of the glasses is helpful but there are other things that you could do at your home or at work to help you uh humans by nature you know we're supposed to be hunters we're supposed to be looking out in the distance but the whole world is coming closer to us uh with computers ipads and laptops so what's happening is that your eyes are turning in all day uh so it's sort of like holding a barbell for for eight hours you could get tired after a while that's what's happening your eyes are turning in all day they're angled inward and you're just fatiguing so these are some helpful hints that hopefully will help you have the computer as far away as possible as the computer is far away the eyes turn outward a little bit the bigger the monitor the better it is it's easier to see i'm also have the top of the monitor at the bottom of the nose that will put your eyes in a very good position to relax the rule of thumb every 10 minutes of doing work you want to take a minute break minute break meaning i'll look out the distance look out a window but don't go looking at a phone or anything up close that's not the break that you're looking for so in these difficult times that we're all going through working at home and doing a lot of extra work hopefully these helpful hints could help you have a safe and easy vision thank you very much