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Diamond Vision and Dr. Shane Galan featured in

With a ‘doozy’ of a year expected for an increase in childhood myopia due to the COVID pandemic and increased screen time use amongst kids, Long Island Eye Doctor, Dr. Shane Galan, has worked to tackle this eye epidemic head-on.

Dr. Galan’s practice, Diamond Vision in Rockville Centre, was recently featured on for his response to the growing myopia epidemic.

To help combat this fast-growing issue our children face, Diamond Vision partnered with Treehouse EyesⓇ, the leader in myopia management and treatment, to launch a unique treatment center to specifically treat myopia in children.

It’s important for parents of myopic children to manage the disease as part of their eye health. The younger myopia management begins, the more effective the treatment. Schedule an appointment today and Dr. Galan will evaluate your child’s vision and make a customized treatment plan to slow or even stop myopia from progressing further.

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