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Eye allergies are very common through the year. Learn how to find relief with Dr. Galan

Hi, this is Dr. Galan from Diamond Vision. We had a patient earlier today that reminds me of many patients over the last several weeks. Uh, it's seasonal allergies. People come in with dry, irritated red eyes and I'll ask them what drops you're using. And typically the patient says I'm just using some type of drops. I got off the shelf. So I thought this would be a good opportunity for actually you the consumer, the patient to know what type of drops to get. Uh, typically we wanna lubricate our eyes to make it feel better. There's a lot of, uh, garbage, a lot advantage ins, a lot of particles that could be an MRI. So you want to put some type of lubricating drop. Typically there are two types of drops. They're gonna be drops that come in a big bottle or drop that look, individual drops that come in a big bottle.

It's usually more cost effective and you can use it several times a day. Uh, but with a big bottle, uh, typically what you able to put preservatives in these bottles. That's why they can make it much larger. So again, when you dealing with something that has a lot of preservatives, it's still healthy for the eye, but when you put the drops in, uh, typically the preservatives sometimes could irritate the eye, but these are good, healthy drops. Refresh makes it, um, uh, there's another drop called uptakes. Uh, also a very good large bottle lubricating drops, but if you go to a pharmacy also, there'll be drops that look like this. Um, these are called preservative free drops in each individual. Ampu you could open this up, put one or two drops in each eye and then kind of recap it. These do not have any preservatives in it.

So it typically costs a little bit more, but it's a better quality drop. Uh, the only caveat is when you open it, you put one or two drops in your eyes. You have to get rid of it within the day, because since there aren't any preservatives in this, um, at Amul, it may go bad after 24 hours. So these are typically better drops. Any drop that looks like in an individual plastic Amul is certainly quite helpful. Also, if you put these bottles in a refrigerator it's cold, when you put a drop in your eye, it makes it cold. It makes it refreshing. Hopefully these were helpful hints enjoying the rest of your spring.