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HRR Pseudoisochromatic Color Vision Test

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The HRR (Hardy Rand and Rittler) Pseudoisochromatic Plates

Interested in becoming a pilot but are held back from possible color blindness or color vision deficiency? Scleral Lenses & Keratoconus Center At Diamond Vision provides the most advanced color vision test available — the HRR Pseudoisochromatic test.

An approved test by the FAA, assessing your vision can be done at our practice to help you achieve your goals in becoming a pilot. With over 60 years of scientific support, the HRR test has been used for congenital and acquired testing, defect testings, and positive classifications of normals.

Color Vision Tests like the HRR Pseudoisochromatic Plate Test are Required for:

  • Police / law enforcement
  • Pilots / aviation
  • Army / Military.

The sophistication behind the construction of the tests virtually eliminate the potential for memorization and malingering. Accurate and precise, this color test will calculate and categorize your specific case of color vision. Each of the six plates allows for efficient color deficiency screening of yellow, blue, red, and green colors as well as separate between Normals and Defectives. Call our vision center for more information.