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Control Myopia Progression With Soft Contacts!

Myopia Management with soft multifocal contact lenses has been shown to slow the progression of children’s nearsightedness.

80% of learning is visual. Give your child the best chances for success!

What Are Multi Focal Contacts?

Depending on the design of the contact lens, multi focal contacts provide a range of powers in the same lens, using one of two methods.

The alternating vision method means your eye focuses on one of the options in the lens depending on the task. Whereas the simultaneous vision method means your eye see through all the power options and automatically chooses the correct focus depending on the task.

Multifocal contacts are available in different forms, soft, GP, and silicon hydrogel. Talk to your optometrist about the different options and which one is right for your child’s eyes. It is important to mention that there have been major advancements in contact lens design over the past years, which means that the comfort, quality of vision, and ease of use are all vastly superior to the contacts used ten years ago. For information about orthok read Understanding Orthokeratology.

The most common form of multi focal contacts uses concentric circles with different powers depending on the task. For example close work like reading, verses far focus activities like watching sports or going to the park.

Soft contact lenses are safe for children. To see if soft contacts are right for your child, you will need to schedule a myopia management evaluation with our optometrist located in Rockville Centre, Long Island.

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Soft Contacts For Myopia Management

There is significant research that highlights the efficacy of soft multifocal lenses to reduce myopia progression in children. Because of the long term health implications associated with medium and high myopia, our optometrist strongly urges all parents with myopic children to discuss myopia management options.

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Contacts & Your Child

Research has shown that children overwhelmingly prefer contact lenses to glasses, and children as young as 8 years old found contact lenses easy to care for by themselves. Children should be old enough to follow instructions for caring for their lenses.

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