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iGreen Eyeglasses

We carry iGreen frames which are made in the USA. The frames are acetate and have a screwless hinge system which allows for customization by the user.

One of the features of the frame is that you can

  • Choose a chassis (frame front) and add nose pads if you want
  • Choose the color from hundreds of choices
  • Easily adjust the frame size up or down by one size.
  • Choose the length of temples
  • Choose the color finish — matte or glossy.
  • Choose the hinge color — silver, gold or gunmetal.

There’s also an option to add a monogram to the top of the frame which as raised lettering in white or black color. There are both adult and children’s frames and the option of a magnetic polarized clip on for some of their styles.

Scott & Dr Galan wear the iGreen brand! They are very comfortable eyewear and truly cutting edge looks.