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Tag Heuer

Tag HeureTag Heuer eyewear is defined by a powerful combination of integrated design, superior materials, ergonomic engineering and development and production that is 100% Made in France.  With function-driven design, Tag Heuer eyewear is light and comfortable yet made to respond to the demands of daily life and extreme sports performance.

Tag Heuer has developed numerous patented innovations employing a design philosophy that integrates function with refined style.  Using advanced composite materials borrowed from their highest standard Swiss watchmaking, Tag Heuer frames distinctly blend comfort, efficiency and enhanced ergonomics, completed with fine, natural design finish.

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear is built for action and peak performance whether in sports, business or leisure. Hand crafted by artisanal, highly trained staff in Morez, France, with design collaboration from professional athletes and technical consultants, TAG Heuer eyewear defines luxury and advanced design implementation.

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