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Oceanside Area Eye Doctor

Diamond Vision Optometrist In The Oceanside Area

The Oceanside optometrists are here to help you with all your eye care needs. Our clinic services include:

  • woman blond white shirt trying on glassesContact lens fittings
  • Specialty contact lenses
  • Myopia control
  • Low vision services
  • Lasik co-management
  • Pediatric eye exams
  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Eye emergency management
  • Ortho-K, as an alternative to Lasik.

Eye exams

Our eye exams are performed by high-quality optometrists at our Oceanside eye care office. We serve patients of all ages, young and old. The Oceanside eye exams are thorough and customized for each individual patient’s needs. Recommendations for eye exams are at least every two years. If you wear corrective glasses or contacts, we recommend yearly eye exams. The comprehensive eye exam consists of checking the entire eye health, as well as checking for visual complications from other medical, non-vision health concerns. If you have diabetes, our office recommends yearly eye exams. We are happy to schedule group appointments for the whole family.

Contact lens fitting

Our Oceanside office does a fitting to decide which contact fits best for you. We have many options available, including specialty contact lenses, and our team and you decide which is a superior fit for you, individually. Our optometrists will decide which is the best fit by looking at your lifestyle, the health of your eye as well as the shape of your eye. After a trial period, you will be asked to come back for a follow-up visit to make sure the lenses are working properly for you.

We offer contacts for hard to fit patients such as:

  • astigmatism
  • Dry eye compatible
  • Daily disposable
  • Myopia control
  • Keratoconus
  • presbyopia

Once the right lens is determined for you, our friendly staff will help you learn proper hygiene to keep your eyes healthy and to properly care for your contact lenses. If the lenses do not work or do not feel right, once you get home, contact our staff for assistance. We are always more than happy to help.

Eye Emergencies

Your Oceanside optometrists are available to treat your eye emergencies, despite day and time. Critical Symptoms of eye emergencies include:

  • Eye infection
  • Painful eyes
  • Loss of Vision
  • Diplopia-Double Vision
  • Swelling or bulging eyes
  • A new or a severe headache
  • Bruising around the eye
  • Eye Trauma
  • Scratch or cut in the eye
  • Blood in the eye
  • Non-uniform pupils
  • Blood in the eye
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Eye Discharge

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek emergency care immediately from your optometrist or the emergency room. Our Oceanside staff is always happy to help decide if you are experiencing an eye emergency and whether you should be examined in our office or the nearest emergency room.

Myopia Control

Myopia is an eye condition where objects up close are clear, but those in the distance are not. Our Oceanside office offers several options for myopia control in young and old patients alike.

Our services include:

  • Multifocal Soft Lenses- These contact lenses are used in place of regular contacts and target different areas of the eye to keep focus better. The myopia is able to be better controlled and reduced by the progression of myopia. These work similar to Ortho-K lenses. Children do great with these because they are simple to use, and children aren’t required to wear glasses then. A drawback is that children need to use them all day.
  • Ortho-K lenses- These are gas-permeable lenses that can slow down the progression of myopia.
  • Multifocal Eyeglass lenses- These are more effective at myopia control, but they are not as effective at slowing the progress as the other types of treatment offered.

Entertainment and Dining Recommendations

While you are in Oceanside, make sure to make a stop at Antonio's Churrasqueira and Rodizio. This is a European restaurant just minutes from our office. The food is fabulous, and it makes a great way to end your Oceanside experience! They are located at 2455 Long Beach Rd Oceanside, New York 11572.

If you are looking for an outing after your eye exam, why not take the family to BouceU? This is a fantastic way for the kids to wear off some energy while giving you a chance to play with them or perhaps even relax a bit. You can find BounceU at 3485 Lawson Boulevard Oceanside, NY.

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