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Valley Stream Area Eye Doctor

Eye Exams Minutes From Valley Stream NY

eye exam in Valley Stream, NYValley Stream, NY is a village in Nassau County on the border between Hempstead and Queens. The village was purchased by the Dutch West India Company from Rockaway Native Americans almost 400 years ago in the mid-1600’s! However, it was mostly uninhabited or for the following 200 years, until it became Valley Stream. By the end of the 19th century, the then-new railroad station and Merrick Road connected the village to the neighboring areas and allowed a burst of development for industry and residential life. Today it includes several neighborhoods and school districts. Despite its relatively small population, a long list of notable actors, athletes, musicians, and other famous people were raised in Valley Stream.

Diamond Vision Welcomes Valley Stream Patients

If you are looking for an eye exam in Valley Stream, eye doctor Shane Galan OD provides a full range of eye care services at Diamond Vision. As an experienced optometrist, he takes the time to make sure his patients understand everything they need to know about their eyes. Our many satisfied clients can attest to our honest approach and thorough eye care. If you need a comprehensive eye exam or treatment for an eye disease, have an eye emergency or just want a contact lens fitting Diamond Vision is here for all your vision and eye needs. We also offer Ortho-K vision correction and myopia control.

sunglasses wall displayConveniently located 10 minutes from Valley Stream glasses and contact lenses are available at our onsite optical. We carry all the fashionable brands and designer frames you love, and can customize your lenses so you can enhance your look and your eyesight. With over 800 pairs too choose from, and a supportive optician to guide you, you are sure to find just what you need.

Diamond Vision is an advanced eye clinic that provides eye care for the whole family, including routine eye exams for children near Valley Stream. Once you’re coming to visit us, why not bring everyone along? Our staff would be happy to accommodate group appointments. We look forward to providing eye care services to you and your family.

Shane Galan O.D. provides a wealth of expert eye care services with advanced eye care technology and techniques. Schedule your next eye exam near Valley Stream, NY at Diamond Vision.

Eye Care Services in Valley Stream, NY

Diamond Vision in Rockville Centre, New York is your number one clinic for eyecare services in the Valley Stream, New York area. With our advanced technology, and incredible optometrist, Dr. Shane Galan, we are your choice for comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, co-management of laser vision correction surgery, and screenings for serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

We at Diamond Vision believe that being up to date on the most cutting-edge eyecare technology is the best way to ensure the highest quality of patient care by obtaining the most accurate evaluation of every aspect of your overall eye and vision health. We use the latest technology, from retinal imaging to visual field testing, to stay ahead of the curve in detecting sight-threatening eye conditions earlier, for early treatment and better eyecare results.

Teen Girl Smiling Window 1280x480Our one-of-a-kind eye doctor, Dr. Shane Galan is happy to be serving the Valley Stream area and puts a big emphasis on professional, knowledgeable and personable service. Dr. Galan is a specialist in contact lenses and low vision, and fits all types of contact lenses including soft lenses for astigmatism and bifocal contact lenses, as well as rigid gas permeable lenses. Because of his specialization in low vision, Dr.Galan is also able to work with stronger eyeglass prescriptions and magnifying devices that many other practices are unfamiliar with. These special low vision devices enable patients to be more independent than ever before, allowing low vision patients to read books or write e-mails or letters without further assistance. Dr. Galan also has a therapeutic license, which enables him to prescribe eye medications.

woman getting eyes checkedDr. Galan provides comprehensive eye exams for the Valley Stream area. These are an essential part of continued eye health, and are important for people of all ages, whether going to school for the first time or screening for glaucoma for the fiftieth. Early detection and prevention of sight-threatening eye conditions is one of the most important factors in maintaining long term visual health. During a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Galan will go beyond a determination of your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription, by analyzing your medical history and overall health in order to evaluate your risk for common eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration, and evaluating your eyes for indications of other serious illnesses that extend beyond your eyes, such as diabetes.

Diamond Vision also offers free eye evaluations to determine if LASIK, PRK or Cataract Refractive Technology is an appropriate solution for your eyecare needs. If it is determined with you that vision correction surgery is a good fit, Dr. Galan will help you move forward through the process. Dr. Galan specializes in co-management before and after Lasik and other vision correction procedures. He is an expert in answering questions about LASIK and other corrective eye surgeries, as well as providing superior post-operative care to ensure that your recovery process is as quick and successful as possible.

To experience our superior service, and the best eye doctor in the Valley Stream area, come see us at Diamond Vision today.

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