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Experience perfectly clear and comfortable vision with Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses dramatically improve visual acuity and comfort levels for those with corneal irregularities due to LASIK eye surgery complications, keratoconus, astigmatism, or other ocular conditions.


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What can scleral contact lenses offer you?

With scleral lenses, nearly every person can achieve crystal clear vision, particularly those with eye complications or conditions that prevent LASIK surgery or the use of standard contact lenses.

Sharp and stable vision

All-day comfort

Long-lasting lenses

Custom made

Wide visual field

Supports healing

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How Do I Know If Scleral Lenses Are For Me?
Easy. Just follow these steps.

Did you know patients enjoy the high
comfort and stability that scleral lenses offer?

#1 Call us to book a consult

Speak with us to learn about our practice, our experience with fitting hard-to-fit patients with scleral lenses, and what option best suits your visual needs.


#3 Get fit with custom lenses

Scleral lenses are totally customizable and are made 100% for you. The fitting process ensures that you will receive the perfect pair of lenses that offer sharp, comfortable, and stable vision


#2 Meet our eye doctor

At the consultation, Dr. Shane Galan will thoroughly examine your eyes and recommend the most suitable treatment for your eye condition.


#4 Experience your best vision

Once you try scleral lenses, you won’t consider using any other lenses again. The comfort and visual clarity are unmatched by other contacts. You’re welcome

Shane M. Galan OD

Shane M. Galan OD

Don’t compromise on your vision. Scleral lenses are the gold standard of contact lens comfort and ocular health.

If you’re ready to enhance your vision and overall quality of life, speak with Dr. Shane Galan about how we can help.

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