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Keratoconus – Dr. Galan was referred to me by another Dr at OCLI. It was the best referral I’ve ever been given. He took the time to explain the problem and the process. He explained a plan of action to address my condition and followed thought with it. Dr. Galan is a very patient, caring and attentive person. He took complete care of everything and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. If you have a problem with Keratoconus I highly recommend you call Dr. Galan for a consultation and be patient. He will make sure you are satisfied before leaving his office. Thank you Dr. Galan, YOUR the BEST.

Simply the best! I have been going to Dr. Galan for several years and when my son started having vision problems at 5 years old, I started bringing him there also. At 11 his eyes and prescription started to get worse. Dr. Galan suggested a new eye care therapy that might help him. It is called Orthok

I have been a patient of Dr. Galan for years. After advising him that I wanted to try contact lenses again, he set out to find the right lens for my condition, keratoconus. Dr. Galan researched the options available to me and found a comfortable, soft lens that was specifically designed for keratoconus. The lenses are amazing, comfort and vision is unbelievable!! I am grateful to Dr. Galan for taking the time and effort to get the perfect fit. Whether you wear contacts, glasses or are considering either, Diamond Vision is where you should go! Read all the posts, there’s one constant, Dr. Galan is an incredibly knowledgeable eye doctor who is all about your comfort and gives his patients the time they need. The staff is amazing as well. They’re professional, talented and very nice! This is the Best practice on L.I.

I normally do not write reviews on google, but I am making an exception. I was a former patient of Dr. Feldman for many years and was very concerned that when he retired I would not find another Doctor with the same level of service and expertise. I was wrong. I have been seeing Dr. Galan for a year and a half and I could not be happier. He is extremely knowledgeable about contact lenses. He takes the time to insure that he is completely satisfied with your vision and comfort . You are never rushed and any questions that I have are answered in full detail . His staff,especially Denise is an asset to the practice.
Anyone who is looking for a true expert in contact lens, should seek out Dr. Galan.

Dr Galen and his team are really great! They are very nice people and very experienced professionals on Ortho-K.

Dr. Shane Gallan/ Diamond Vision was the ONLY Optometrist who made it possible for me to get my advanced Color Vision Test required for my job with the Federal Government, I called out atleast 45 doctors in and around NYC & Long Island and no one seemed to help or know about the tests I was looking for i.e: Farnsworth and Lanthony D-15 which cost out of pocket for me but I was losing hope about being able to take one where I live, I was being consulted to go all the way to Maryland which seemed insane considering I lived in a major city like New York and no one conducted these tests! I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a advanced eye testing or vision clearance for Private or Government/ Military jobs!!!! Thanks a lot to his amazing staff members Diane and Mindy who constantly followed up with my case and appointment, I am truly grateful to them all!!

Excellent service by Dr. Galan. Highly recommend you going to Dr. Galan especially if you need Farnsworth as an alternate color vision exam for those who are color deficient. Staff are full of energy and extremely polite especially Denise!

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Galan , Denise & staff. Within 2 days of ortho k treatment my daughter was walking around without glasses (and able to see)! The patience and encouragement they expressed to my 12 year old girl did wonders for her confidence. Dr. Galan is worth the drive if you are not near by and the staff could not be more accommodating. We are thrilled with the results and feel it was the best decision we ever made. I am so glad I chose Dr. Galan based on reviews – that is why I am telling you they are true! Knowledgeable and thorough, he takes the time to work with you. Best practice for kids too:) Run don’t walk to see Dr. Galan and the staff at Diamond Vision!

Absolutely would highly be recommend this business.

Just a quick review. The staff are all friendly and professional as is Dr. Galan. Had an issue with one lens and brought back the glasses, absolutely no hesitation they took back the glasses, and made it all right! Was also able to get the better lens and cannot believe how sharp my vision is now. Absolutely would highly be recommend this business.

I highly recommend for anyone who wants a thorough exam and to be fit for contacts or glasses correctly.

I was having trouble with my contacts and went to my ophthalmologist and was told there is nothing wrong with my vision, my eyes or my contacts. After seeing Dr. Galan, he was able to diagnose my issue very quickly. It was actually a simple problem solved within a couple weeks and now I ordered new contact lenses by him and I am thrilled. He took the time to hear my problems. He took the time to figure the issue out. He also took the time to set me up with several trial Lenses for a few weeks for me to see which ones I liked the most. I was most appreciative to his attentiveness and to his staff. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a thorough exam and to be fit for contacts or glasses correctly.