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Dr. Shane Gallan/ Diamond Vision was the ONLY Optometrist who made it possible for me to get my advanced Color Vision Test required for my job with the Federal Government, I called out atleast 45 doctors in and around NYC & Long Island and no one seemed to help or know about the tests I was looking for i.e: Farnsworth and Lanthony D-15 which cost out of pocket for me but I was losing hope about being able to take one where I live, I was being consulted to go all the way to Maryland which seemed insane considering I lived in a major city like New York and no one conducted these tests! I would recommend his services to anyone who needs a advanced eye testing or vision clearance for Private or Government/ Military jobs!!!! Thanks a lot to his amazing staff members Diane and Mindy who constantly followed up with my case and appointment, I am truly grateful to them all!!

- Vijay J