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As the saying goes, you have tried the rest, now you have found the BEST

We have been patients of Dr Galan for many years, we have always been more than delighted with our experience. Yesterday, I stopped in to get an appointment to discuss the progressive prescription I recently got. I did not think I was using them correctly. Without an appointment Dr Galan saw me, retested, and said he would have the lens remade if I agreed, which I did, and if they still were not right he would change them to reading glasses, which I have had success with. Just imagine, a Doctor that will see you without an appointment (not even in the ER), just imagine this TERRIFIC service at no extra charge. Where on Long Island do you find quality, professional knowledge, willing to go the extra mile? The office staff (all of them) are polite and most friendly. When the Doctor is finished with his exam Mindy sits with you for as long as it takes to show you a frame (if one is needed) that you are happy with, She measures to be sure all will be made correctly. Mindy is one of the kindest, hard working, knowledgeable ladies I have ever met. Diamond Vision is not just to examine, get you glasses and good bye. They are there to be sure what they deliver is eyecare that is great for you, and they stand behind everything. My husband and I are absolutely delighted with the family atmosphere of service that is given. I am a professional at losing, bending, scratching thru carelessness. Mindy will work with a frame that I have twisted, lost an arm, no kidding. I have never felt embarrassed as I have in other places, so glad we discovered Diamond Vision. On a personal level, the office was familiar with my dog (who I loved). When she left us I had 2 pair of glasses that needed the ICU, Mindy fixed them for me and she was so very compassionate about the dog, as were the reception ladies. I have never felt so appreciated as a client, so welcomed when I walk in, sometimes I walk in just to say hello. I will never leave this practice. As the saying goes, you have tried the rest, now you have found the BEST. Thanks to all --Dr Galan, Mindy, Gwen, my apologies for the names I have forgotten. Karen and Fred Erskine

- Karen E.