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He’s the best!

There are probably a thousand optometrists in Manhattan but I drive an hour out to Rockville Centre to see Dr. Galan because of his extraordinary expertise in fitting contact lenses. He’s also a very kind, thoughtful, and patient doctor; and the people who work with him are equally wonderful. (Mindy always finds the perfect glasses for my face and for my friends’ faces, and Denise is so warm and helpful.) I never wanted contact lenses because I was so scared about putting something in my eyes, but when my close-up and distance visions started getting bad, I didn’t want to care three pairs of glasses, and a good friend recommended Dr. Galan. He tried out dozens of lenses until he found the right one for each eye and taught me how to put them in and take them out. He also discovered my cataracts and is monitoring them and changing my prescription to help me avoid surgery. He’s the best!

- Karen G.