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Experienced Eye Doctor In Rockville Centre

Dr. Shane Galan has been in practice for 20 years. As a result of being one of the premier contact lens specialists in Rockville Centre, Valley Stream, Oceanside and Lynbrook areas, Dr. Galan has access and experience with contact lenses that other eye doctors do not currently utilize.

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What is Ortho-K? How does it work? And who is it for?

Orthokeratology is an innovative way of slowing down a child’s nearsightedness. Basically, the child or adult sleeps is a rigid contact lens, and in the morning the patient will remove the contact lens, and see clearly for the rest of the day. This procedure is repeated every night.

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Focus on Dry Eyes

Sometimes a person is unable to produce enough tears or their tears do not possess the right qualities to keep eyes healthy and comfortable. This can cause a consistent lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye, known as dry eyes.

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Focus on Color Vision Deficiency

The complete inability to see color, known as color blindness, is a well-known phenomenon to many people. Although total color blindness is a very rare condition, it is part of a larger family of conditions known as Color Vision Deficiency, which is actually quite common.

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Focus on Childrens Vision

Up to 90% of school learning uses the visual system, and that is why it is essential to have your child's vision checked regularly. 25% of school aged children have vision issues that will effect learning and development. The American Optometric Association recommends bi-annual eye exams once your child enters kindergarten.

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Does Smoking Affect Vision?

Eye Doctors Weigh In: How Smoking Can Harm Your Vision & Eye Health We all know that smoking is bad for...

Focus on Technology: The Autorefractor – Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Bring the Best in Eyecare to our Patients

Read More about this high-tech piece of equipment, which allows us to provide you with the most accurate prescription.

Read Q&A About the Autorefractor by Dr. Shane Galan

Great Eyewear and Eye Care near you

From our office in Rockville Centre, Diamond Vision serves patients from the Nassau County in New York, including Lynbrook, Baldwin, Oceanside and Valley Streamschedule an appointment today. 700+ Eyeglass Frames and 250+ Sunglasses. We carry all types of frames and eyeglass lenses to meet anybody’s budget.

Modern Technology

Dr. Galan utilizes the latest technology in the optometric field. Our medical records are HIPPA compliant. All of our equipment is digitally interfaced. These instruments (visual field, corneal topographer, digital phoropter, specular microscope and digital retinal camera ) will allow you and your family to receive the most thorough eye exam. Now FeaturingCornea 550 Advanced Imaging Technology by Essilor.

Contact Lens Specialist

He routinely fits all types of contact lenses including soft, rigid gas permeable (hard lenses), bifocals, astigmatism, orthokeratology and keratoconnic. Dr. Galan and his staff will take the necessary time to address all of your eye care needs. Our online reviews will exemplify this time after time.