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Ortho-K Success Stories

I decided to use Ortho-K for my sons in order to give them freedom from glasses during the day. I also wanted to prevent their progression of myopia. The most beneficial part of using Ortho-K lenses is freedom from wearing glasses while playing sports. Both of my sons have used Ortho-K lenses for almost five years and their vision has definitely stabilized. There has not been any significant change in their prescription in the past 2-3 years.     --Jamie C.

After many years of wearing contact lenses, my eyes had become quite intolerant to them. I could not get through a day without dryness, itching, burning and redness. I was considering Lasik surgery but, I wanted to rule out all possibilities before making a permanent change to my eyes. Ortho-K was introduced to me by Dr. Feldman and Dr. Galan and I decided to give it a try. After just two or three days, I was seeing 20/20 all day without eyeglasses or contacts. It was amazing!!

I recently learned from my last eye exam that my vision has actually improved after bring an Ortho-K patient for the past four-five years or so. I got new eyeglasses to reflect my new prescription but, I'm not going to be wearing them much!  --Melanie C.

My decision to have both my 8-year old twins on Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) was based on all the positive information I thoroughly read. I also have a cousin in her 60's who did Ortho-K 30 years ago and currently has 15/15 vision.

The biggest benefit for me and my children was not having to wear glasses. I have had to worry about my twin boys losing or breaking their glasses. They also don't have to wear sports goggles while playing sports. Another major benefit is that the Ortho-K also slows down the myopia and in some cases can actually make your sight better.

We have been using Ortho-K now for 3 years. My twins started when they were 8 years old and I never thought they would be able to put them in but they quickly got the hang of it. Their vision has pretty much stabilized which has made it totally worth it for my kids.   --Maria C.

I decided to try Ortho-K because I was looking for an alternative to surgery. I spoke with Dr. Galan about my options and he suggested Ortho K. Since I have great trust in Dr. Galan, I decided to go with his suggestion. I am now in my sixties and have been using Ortho-K lenses for 13 years. I love the process and I look forward to seeing great. I also love that everyone my age needs reading glasses - except me. - Charlotte A

AH is a competitive baseball player. At some point, he was noticing that he was not hitting as well as before. Soon, his batting average ended up not as high as it used to be. He decided that he wanted to make a change without risking surgery to improve his vision. He came to Dr. Galan & was treated with ortho-k lenses to bring him clearer vision during the day without needing any contacts or glasses. His improved vision had instant results, and soon was hitting at an even higher average than before. - Patient AH

CH vision was getting worse every year and as a result, CH was getting more and more dependent on her eyeglasses.

She felt that she needed her glasses more and more to function properly. After doing some research, her parents decided to travel over an hour and a half to our office. They read the great reviews about Dr. Galan regarding myopia management and knew the right decision was to come to Diamond Vision. In a few months, CH's vision had stabilized & enjoyed her freedom from her eyeglasses. - Patient CH

I am a competitive gymnast and did not want to have the inconvenience of daytime contact lenses or eyeglasses. Ortho-k has changed my life.  I can now do the activities I want to do, and it is great waking up in the morning and actually seeing my alarm clock without reaching for my eyeglasses. - Patient AC

AY was concerned that her son's vision was going to get really bad. She did not want his vision to just as bad as her own and her husband's vision.  Both she and her husband have very strong prescriptions and were very concerned that their son's prescription was getting worse every year. AY wanted to find a way to manage the myopia and secure her son's vision at a healthy rate each year rather than getting worse and worse. The myopia management services that Dr. Galan provided allowed her son's vision to stay low and made them feel confident that their son will live a life without such a high prescription. - Patient AY

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