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Color Vision Testing For The FAA, US Army, FDNY, TSA, & NYPD

F 16 Fighting Falcons above New York City(2)

Color Vision Testing For Military, Aviation & Federal Jobs Serving New York City, Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island.

At Diamond Vision, located in Rockville Centre, Long Island, we offer comprehensive color vision/color blind testing for federal employees, pilots, and first responders. Our eye doctor will take the time with each patient to perform comprehensive evaluations and testing as well as discussing options for improving their color perception. We are proud to offer some of the most advanced testing methods for pilots including the Optec 900 Color Vision test for the FAA, as well as all the major testing used to determine eligibility for careers that require color

  • Farnsworth Lantern Flashlight
  • Ishihara
  • Optec 900 Color Vision
  • Farnsworth D-15
  • Farnsworth D-100
  • Lanthony Desaturated
  • 15 Hue Test

Color Vision Testing For Pilots, FAA Requirements

Pilots seeking to pass their medical requirements for color vision must pass an FAA approved color vision test. Failure to pass the test will result in a limited license that restricts night flying and color signal control. Passing the required testing such as the Optec 900 Color Vision, Ishihara, and Farnsworth Lantern Flashlight, alternate color blindness tests given by our eye doctor, once submitted to your Aviation Medical Examiner, will exempt the need for taking other color blindness test for an FAA medical of any class and will not cause any restrictions. Failure of your initial color blindness test may result in restrictions on what types of tests can be done in the future.

To submit your test results mail first class or registered mail to:

Federal Aviation Administration Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Bldg. 13 Aerospace Medical Certification Division, AAM-300 6700 S. MacArthur Blvd.Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Color Blind Testing For The US Military

Being color blind can limit your choices of MOS, the US military currently uses either the Farnsworth Lantern Flashlight (FALANT) test or Ishihara test, with different branches having different thresholds. While there are options for the colorblind in the US military, such as combat arms, supply, military police, and administrative jobs, there are severe limitations for many military career tracks. Because color is used to identify wiring, maps, and many other elements of a job, the US military places restrictions for those that fail to meet the color vision threshold for that service branch and job requirement.

Color Blind Testing For NYPD

The NYPD requires that police officers pass a color vision test. The first test is the Ishihara test if the candidate fails the Ishihara test then they are required to pass the Farnsworth D15 test.

Important Note: The information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however requirements for the FAA/TSA/US Military/FDNY/NYPD do change occasionally. At Diamond Vision, we respect the men and women serving our country and communities and try our hardest to provide the highest quality eye care services to our pilots, service men and women, and first responders. We thank you deeply for your service. In addition to color vision testing, Dr. Galan also specializes in contact lenses that are worn at night, that leave you with 2020 vision during the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. This LASIK alternative is favored by military, law enforcement, and firefighters that require excellent vision but may be encumbered by traditional means of vision correction. Click here to learn more about OrthoK nighttime contact lenses.

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